We started this business in 2022 with no audience and 18 different teas. Any business-minded person will tell that was foolish.

And it was…

Nobody came to our website, and nobody bought any tea. ????


So, we hit the streets of San Antonio, Texas where we were living at the time and brought our carefully cultivated collection of teas and blends to the people.

It was hot, 104°F. ????️

Here’s a picture of me setting up our first pop-up with my father-in-law looking on.

father and son-in-law

Unlike the internet, however, the streets liked us. The people liked us. Here’re a few of them:

two women and tea
guys looking at tea

We started making some money and this looked like it could become a real business.

But we also wanted to get closer to the source of some of the best teas we had tasted, and serendipitously an opportunity opened for us in Japan, the Mecca of matcha and other green teas.

Back in Texas, we had had a couple of matcha tea parties and folks went crazy for the stuff.


Benny from Texas, drinking matcha

Just to backtrack for a moment, one of the “foolish” things we had done when starting out online was having 18 different teas/products.

It sounds nice to have so much variety, but it’s incredibly difficult for a new business to market 18 different things online (ask your e-commerce buddy).

So, we’ve changed it up.

We’ve set our sights on one product, one tea: matcha.

Interestingly enough, the creamy drink has become my number 1 productivity tool for work.

Here’s a link to signup for our launch list. Enjoy!