We’re just back from Kyoto Prefecture where we’ve been lining up your next hit of the good stuff. 

I feel like Frank Lucas, from American Gangster, when he was talking to his cousin Nate after arriving in Thailand:

“I want to get it where they get it. From the source.”

Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas

Here’s us at the source (and some “Green Magic” further down):

Tea country, Mona and Sean

FYI, 2023’s harvest has been amazing for Japan and our tea.

The quality, color, aroma, and texture has all been positively affected due to the near-perfect weather conditions over the year, which included the right amount of rain, sunshine, and humidity.

That means we’ve got some sweet, velvety, vibrant green matcha getting ready to be served up to you – the people.

Creamy Okumidori Matcha from Kyoto, Japan

By the way, here’s the link to our new YouTube channel called The Tea Tapes. We’re still recording the first few episodes but I suggest you subscribe now so you don’t miss anything.